Engage Cloud-Edge

Optimal Server Configuration
The optimal server configuration would be:

Xeon/8or Opteron/12, 4.4 GHz

CentOS 7 Linux


2 TB Storage or 3 times expected data (whichever is larger)

3SSD or 5 HDD Storage volumes

Direct-attached (SATA III) interface to storage volumes
Cloud-Edge Support
The Cloud Edge team will oversee the installation of the technology and the data ingestion. Our Data Scientists will consult on the necessary training, as well as the initial scoping of the client requirements for Analytic outcomes. As the User gains proficiency, the need for Cloud-Edge Data Scientist’s intervention will diminish. However, they will be available to consult on more complex analytic requirements or specific business queries.
User Competencies
No programming experience is required for a User to understand and become proficient within the Cloud-Edge Development Studio. An aptitude for analytics is more valuable than programming experience.Our Data Scientists are always available to consult on issues that may arise and provide support for the Users.
We recommend that a defined Proof of Concept be undertaken to effectively demonstrate the true benefits of the Cloud-Edge AI Software Solution. POC engagements are available.
Reach out to arrange a POC
The pricing for each engagement will be discussed on a project by project basis.
Reach out to engage on Project Pricing Estimates