Development Process

The Cloud-Edge AI Software solution is a unique resource that will invariably produce a superior solution to any given business requirement. This will however require the skills set of a competent user. The transfer of these skills is not complicated but require a more analytic aptitude than programming experience. The Cloud-Edge Data Scientist will consult in the initial implementation stages and once the Client User acquires competence, any further consultation will only be required in the instance of more challenging and once-off analytic enquiries.

Rapid Commencement of Development Process
The development process commences rapidly due to the ease, speed and data ingestion capacity. Full functionality of the development process is available “out-of-the-box”, immediately after importing data. A full suite of easy to use client and development tool sets exist within the Development Studio. They have ‘click and point’ functionality.
Agility Of Development Process
Cloud-Edge utilizes GUI development to implement both simple and complex analytics in a shorter timeframe than that of other procedural languages. The development process is agile in that it produces interim results from commencement which facilitates the interactive experimentation of multiple solution alternatives. These are expressed in graphical interface within minutes and can be tested against the entire database,eliminating any need to sample.