Unique technology

Data transformed into compressed, useable format, ready for advanced analytics

Data ingested agnostic to format (structured, semi-structured or unstructured), source or industry

Relational data engine uses ‘bottom-up’, low-level heuristic algorithms and sophisticated pipelining techniques as well as ‘top-down’ analytic paradigm enhancements

Provides data processing and advanced analytics on massive (multi-terabyte), disparate data sets for time critical operations.

The breakthrough heuristics run with optimal efficiency without the limiting necessities of pre-optimization for select analytic approaches.

Cloud-Edge data processing (not just data transport) operates at speeds that meet or exceed the rated capabilities of the underlying hardware.

Cloud-Edge solution will regularly deliver the most cost-effective implementation, utilizing minimum resources to achieve the required functionality and performance, resulting in a superior solution

Cloud-Edge enables Companies to pro-actively make use of their most important asset, namely data, to awaken the potential value of dormant data within their data repository.

Cloud-Edge empowers Companies to focus, future-proof and re-engineer business strategies to drive their business forward

Cloud-Edge, a unique resource that, in the hands of a capable data scientist, will produce a superior solution to any given business requirement

Fuzzy Logic is built into the Cloud-Edge relational data engine kernel, allowing relational reasoning rather than strict true-false options

Analytic and relational data functions

Heuristic algorithms control compression, sorting, scanning and indexing functionality (as part of the ETL process – with no further programming requirements).
Data can be assessed in its compressed form subject to Cloud-Edges’ scanning, sorting and indexing algorithms resulting in significant performance advantages of Cloud-Edge Software


The Cloud-Edge Sort compression algorithm, using proprietary techniques compresses data with ratios between 4:1 and 20:1.


The unique Sort heuristic algorithm is a cornerstone of the Cloud-Edge Sort system achieving substantial performance gains.


The Cloud-Edge Data Processing Engine (DPE) uses RAID technology to efficiently move and filter data in parallel, to and from disk I/O subsystems.


The dynamic Cloud-Edge Sort indexing algorithm utilizes the parallel processing of scanning and sorting to create indices quickly.

Detailed Training Videos

Detailed Training Videos

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